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Rent without deposit

Enjoy more financial freedom for your move. With the DepositDirect rental deposit guarantee, the money stays with you.

The DepositDirect rental deposit guarantee

The rental deposit guarantee from DepositDirect is a security deposit that protects your landlord against damages caused by you.

Instead of giving your landlord a usual cash deposit as security, you forward the guarantee certificate issued by us to your landlord. This serves as security deposit.

Since there is no flow of money between you and your landlord, the rental deposit guarantee not only relieves the landlord of administrative effort, but also saves additional costs. In addition, the landlord receives one hundred percent security through the rental deposit guarantee.

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  • Immediate approval

    Online immediate approval directly after application. Within 5 minutes to the rental deposit guarantee.

  • Best price

    Europe's cheapest rental deposit guarantee. Money-back guarantee if dissatisfied.

  • Fair

    Cancellable at any time. Up to 2 years payment pause in case of job-related unemployment.

For private households

With the rental deposit guarantee from DepositDirect, you gain more liquid funds for your move.

Less administrative effort for you as a tenant and your landlord, as the cash deposit is eliminated.

With our online immediate approval, you save time and can focus on your move.

instead of

Cash deposit to your landlord


/ month

and use the remaining €1,494 wisely

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For businesses

Whether you rent office space, warehouses, retail spaces or factories, the rental deposit guarantee from DepositDirect provides financial flexibility.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing company - the rental deposit guarantee is suitable for everyone.

The rental deposit guarantee does not affect your credit line. Your creditworthiness and liquidity remain intact.

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The advantages
of a rental deposit guarantee from DepositDirect

For the tenant

  • Instead of depositing a cash deposit or a savings book, you can take out a rental deposit guarantee.
  • If you have not yet received your rental deposit for your old apartment, the guarantee eliminates the double burden.
  • The rental deposit guarantee has no fixed contract term and can be returned at any time.
  • If you have already deposited a cash deposit or a savings book, you can replace it at any time with the rental deposit guarantee.
  • There are no additional fees or contributions, such as for administration, account management or creation of the rental guarantee.
  • As a tenant, you have the option to return the guarantee free of charge within the first month after issuance.

For the landlord

  • The legal certainty is the same as with a cash deposit.
  • The landlord does not have to pay any fees.
  • In case of damages, he can easily access the rental deposit.
  • The administration is less complex than with a deposit savings book.
  • The tenant can no longer use up the deposit.
  • Damage reports can be made digitally.
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As easyas it gets

Step 1

1. Calculate contribution

Calculate your contribution to the rental deposit guarantee without obligation and free of charge.

Step 2

2. Fill out application

Fill out the application with all necessary information and send it off with a mouse click.

Step 3

3. Done

Hand over the guarantee document to your landlord instead of a cash deposit. This way, your landlord is protected and you have the opportunity to use your money for more significant expenses.

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